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Genealogy Tutorial provides a safe & secure environment for ordering products. We will not sell or make public any of your personal information;

Our products are downloadable upon verification of payment. Documents are provided in a pdf format. Most PDFs can be opened with Acrobat 4.0 and Acrobat Reader 4.0 and later. However, features specific to later versions may be lost or not viewable.

Genealogy Cheat Sheets

Genealogy Cheat Sheets provides 44 charts and informational sections that give you tools to use while at home, in the library or at a state archive. These charts provide basic information on census records, land & property records, and vital records.

You also have information on records availability, basic historical information about the United States and suggestions for "tool kits" for cemetery research, repository research and how to create an ideal home office for genealogy research.


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